tide and current taxi

Summer 2006

Inaccessible Places

This year I asked participants this year to think of a place they wanted to go in New York that was only accessible by boat.

Lan Tuazon and Starlee Kine: North Brother Island

McKendree Key and Mike Cataldi: Rescue Mission

Duke Riley: The Greenpoint Terminal Market

Birgit Rathsmann: Hell Gate

Tommy and Tamara: A Change of Plans

Rachel Mason: Hoffman Island

Sally Paul: Canarsie Pol

Jackson McDade: The Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Josiah McElheny and Anne Daems: The Gowanus Canal

Elsie Hill: The Ghost Ships of Coney Island

Dutch Island

Mike Olshan: The Yellow Submarine

Mike and Cynthia Parker and Matt Lorenz: A Visit to Stripes’ Grave

MOMO and ZOSEN: Buena Suerta

Craig Koon: The Harlem River

Constance Wyndham, Eric Forman, Duke Riley: Hell Gate

Cyrus Amundson: the USS Intrepid

Anthony Lepore: The Harlem River Estuary