tide and current taxi

Summer 2012

Flotsam, Jetsam, Ligan, and Derelict

This year I am visiting spots in the New York Harbor where there are collections of debris, wrecked things, or places that are left to waste. I have trips scheduled from June 25- July 5th so check back here throughout the week!

—Marie Lorenz

Tyson Reeder – Coney Island Creek

Jennifer Coates and Eric Bianchi – The Gowanus Canal

Anne Zuerner – Mill Basin

Mike Hein and Saira Mclaren – The East River

Njideka Akunyli and Justin Crosby – Westchester Creek

Rachel Steinberg and Willis Elkins – Goose Island

Jenny Harder and James Bewley – Dale Radio!

Helen Georgas and Leslie Shows – Shooter’s Island

Elizabeth Albert and Stayc St.Onge – College Point

Robin Michals and Matt Hural – Port Liberty Flotsam Barge

Jack Stoney – Manhattanhenge

Rebecca Bird and Matthew Thurber – a dramatic reenactment

Tim Harrington and Robert Sullivan – Gawanus Redux

Stephan von Muehlen – The Good Ship B.I.G.

Sarah DeBoard – The Open Ocean (at Fire Island)

Faris Al-Shathir – The Bay Side

Elizabeth Rush – Fresh Kills after Hurricane Sandy