tide and current taxi

Summer 2005

The very first summer that I operated The Tide and Current Taxi it worked like this: Participants chose a departure point and destination—a route they wanted to travel during the week. I calculated the best possible time, using a chart of the tides and currents in the Harbor. I informed them of their departure time and how long I thought the trip would take. If they agreed to the proposed trip, I worked it into the schedule for the week.

Saturday August 27th

The first and most disastrous ride with Joe Potts.

Duke Riley helps get the taxi home.

Sunday August 28th

Some alterations and repair.

A delightful recon mission with Andrew Sloat

Monday August 29th

Birgit Rathsman goes to school.

Melissa Brown goes to work.

Through the Bronx Kills alone.

Ivan Monforte goes to home.

Tuesday August 30th

Daniel Rich sets out in the rain.

Wednesday August 31st

Mike Smith braves the wind and waves.

Jen DeNike and Anat Ebgi visit the Budweiser Peninsula.

Up the Newtown Creek with Abigael Birrell and Keith Graham.

Thursday September 1st

Ben McGrath takes notes.

Joanna Ruocco: the longest ride.

Virginia Poundstone and Nathan Carter ride a rouge wave.

Friday September 2nd

Rescue mission with Nathan Carter.

Carla Edwards and the naked men.

Rachel Roske changes her name.

Rae and Ra: the last ride.