David Horvitz

August 10, 2011

On August 10th, David Horvitz met me for a trip out of the Mamoroneck Harbor.

I tried to tell myself that it didn’t matter where we went or how far, and that it was just about exploring.

But once we got out into the harbor,

we could see David’s Island about 5 miles away.

It seemed fitting that David should visit David’s Island,

and even though the wind and waves were pushing against us once again,

I couldn’t shake the sense that we had to keep moving westward.

The first island we came to was Huckleberry Island,

and we decided to explore.

The eastern side was a beautiful rocky cove,

and there appeared to be some signs of habitation.

We walked into the woods to look for more.

There were odds and ends of structures,


and even a star fish.

I read later that Huckleberry Island was believed to be where Captain Kidd burried his treasure.

At least that is what the locals used to say in the 1800’s.

We stood in the cove and took pictures of the water as the sun lowered on the horizon.

“It’s as though the water is made of light,” said David.

We found a little skeleton on the shore.

I almost thought it could have been a little seal. Although it was probably a dog.

On the way to shore we made a stop at David’s Island,

and saw a whole nest of hunting osprey. The parents seemed to watch us as they circled around.

We paddled to a little beach on the Glen Island Park,

and found a place to hide the boat,

just as the park was closing.

We had gone 6 miles against the wind, and explored an island where I had never been before.

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